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Christmas Princess starring Nicole Munoz

Christmas Princess

TONIGHT Midnight ET: In Christmas Princess, a brave high school girl who overcomes her difficult past to become one of the elite princesses…

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Your All Time Classic Hit Parade Christmas Special 2018

Your All-Time Classic Hit Parade

TONIGHT 11pm ET: ‘Tis the Season! Sing along with our Zoomer Players on holiday classics like “Sleigh Ride” and “Rockin’ Around the…

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Wind at My Back Christmas

Wind at My Back Christmas

TONIGHT 9pm ET: Celebrate the trials, tribulations and ultimate family togetherness of Christmas in New Bedford with the Baileys.…

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Doc Martin - Season 8

Doc Martin

TONIGHT 8pm ET: Penhale decides to have a Police Open day to raise community awareness. The only genuine visitor he has though, is an angry…

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Time To Sing Christmas: Hosts Marshall Hall and Rosalie Drysdale Time To Sing is a moving ...Read more
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Monarch of the Glen The magnificent Cairngorms are the beautiful ...Read more
Peter Youngren Christian sermons and world missions with ...Read more
Let The Quran Speak Readings from the Quran, including reflections ...Read more
Church of Elvis The Church of Elvis walks the ...Read more
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Hidden World of the Harem In the Western imagination, the harem ...Read more
Cancer Saved My Life - Libby Znaimer "Cancer Saved My Life" is a ...Read more
Gospel to Go: Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir Gospel to Go - an inspiring, ...Read more
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Dec 11, 2018

Canadian Celtic music superstar Natalie MacMaster tells us about her family’s musical and holiday traditions featured in “A Celtic Family Christmas”. Continue reading

Dec 3, 2018

Christmastime is movie time! VisionTV has some extra special Christmas movie premieres and favourites lined up for our 5 Weeks of Christmas this year. Continue reading

Nov 9, 2018

Great Movies are coming to Saturdays at 6pm ET on VisionTV starting with the moving Lost Letter Mysteries series! Continue reading

Oct 31, 2018

How far will we go to live longer? Health law expert Timothy Caulfield hosts an eye-opening second season of A User’s Guide to Cheating Death on VisionTV. Continue reading