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The Young Victoria

The Young Victoria

Monday, Feb. 4, 2019 | 8pm ET/5pm PT

We think of Queen Victoria as a respectable matron, the epitome of duty, a beloved monarch. But, Victoria’s path to the throne was by no means easy.

Britain in the 1830s was a country on the brink of revolution. The people could not have borne another debauched son of George III as King. Fortunately, they were able to invest their hopes in the innocent Princess Victoria.

But, there were those determined to grab power for themselves – not least her mother.

Intrigue, deception, death threats – this is the true story of the young queen.


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One Response to The Young Victoria

  1. Magg Marshall says:

    In the description above the date is 1930. Perhaps it should be 1830. It sounds like an outstanding production to come about Queen Victoria’s life.

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