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Hello Dolly

Hello, Dolly!

Mon., Feb. 25 (Pt. 1) & Tues., Feb. 26, 2019 (Pt. 2) | Midnight ET/9pm PT

Drawn from Thornton Wilder’s “The Matchmaker” (itself based on a 19th-century British farce), “Hello, Dolly!” is set in motion when Yonkers feed store clerk Cornelius Hackl (Michael Crawford) celebrates his promotion by taking his pal Barnaby Tucker (Danny Lockin) to New York City for a “corking good time.”

Cornelius and Barnaby can’t avoid crossing paths with their boss Horace Vandergelder (Walter Matthau), who’d give them “heck” if he saw them in a fancy restaurant with two fancy girls instead of tending the store.

Mr. Vangergelder himself is the object of Dolly’s (Barbra Streisand) affections, though she pretends to have only a professional interest in the widowed merchant, going through the motions of finding him a new wife when in fact she’d like to be the lucky bride herself.

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